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Sometimes, a place can be your favorite for nothing more than the experiences you’ve had there.

There’s nothing quite like discovering one of your favorite places to eat has shut their doors. I mean, we’ve probably all experienced arriving on a day that they happen to be closed for a holiday or simply as part of their normal schedule–that we failed to check, but closed? Forever? Forevah-evah? While not the worst thing to happen in the world, it can certainly throw you for a loop.

DC New Orleans Po Boy Shop (Closed)For me,…

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"The Barack Obamlet" (at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe)

So many options! #colorful 🌈 (at LabCorp)

So exciting… without an appointment. I’M A REBEL! 😛 (at LabCorp)

…meh (at Washington Cancer Institute)


A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

I do so LOVE coming here. 😒 (at Washington Cancer Institute)

photo: i [heart] DC

A little sidewalk chalk spotted on my Sunday morning walk to Meridian Hill Park… …eh, sometimes I’m kinda on the fence.

I don’t like reality shows. I really don’t like competition reality shows. I really really don’t like cooking-/food-based competition reality shows.

I realize that the three above statements cancel out a lot of television for me, but I still have hope from time to time. Honest, I do. The reason I peek an eye in on the cooking reality shows because I want shows to get back to not only teaching…

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I always overfroth… #goodmorning #coffee (at Capitol Riverfront)