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Okay, I don’t know where else I could possibly post this, but… well, here goes.

I’m very, very fatigued right now, and have been for a week or two. Anita Sarkeesian put out another volume of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, and the whole Zoe Quinn clusterfuck happened, and now the stolen and disseminated nudes from all these female celebrities. I’ve been arguing against all these assholes that think rape threats are just something that people need to grow a thicker skin to deal with, and that the new california “Enthusiastic consent” requirement law that’s awaiting the Governor’s signature is ridiculous and now people will need a notary in their bedroom, and how the female celebrities were all idiots for not having better security and that their pics are part of the public now, and on and on and on.

I didn’t used to care. I didn’t even used to think about these things.

Okay, interjections here. I hate Tatsuya Ishida, the author of Sinfest. The comic above is FROM Sinfest, and while I still don’t like him, I feel EXACTLY like Nique, the main character in the comic above.

Somewhere along the way, my eyes were opened to the patriarchy matrix. I didn’t fully realize it until now, but yeah, I immediately thought of Nique in the above comic, even though it’s been years since I’ve read Sinfest. 

And it’s exhausting and disheartening, to see all this bullshit going on, and to see all the people defending the status quo. And it’s exhausting to SEE this, and it’s exhausting to do what I can to fight back AGAINST this.

I’m not even a woman. It shocks and saddens me to get a glimpse of what women are subjected to every single hour of every single day for their entire lives.

My eyes are open to it now. And it’s something that can’t be undone. So I’m going to work with other feminists to make change. The more people are awakened, the more allies we’ll have.

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But first, lemme take an Abe #Selfie (at Lincoln Memorial)

#goodmorning (at US Navy Memorial)