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fitness: Okay, now be serious

Today’s “Pearls Before Swine” strip by Stephan Pastis perfectly portrays my reaction the first time I ever heard about spinning.

CUKES!! #ürbgarden (at The Swanktuary Terrace)


The same way serial killers can have friends who are alive.

La Tomate in Dupont Circle has always felt like an institution to me. It was often the chosen site of a first, second or third date. Plenty of variety, nothing too over-the-top and good prices on the lighter/pasta dishes. But it’s also so much of an institution that I generally pass it over for the newer places in Dupont because restaurants in DC shift like the tides. If you don’t visit a place…

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it’s been 20 years for fuck sake Usagi get your shit together

(via camsfarts)

I never knew Naomi Campbell put out an album… and listening to it, I realize why.

#behindthemagic @mediumraredc #brunch (at Medium Rare)

Another highlight of this year’s Capital Fringe Festival is Andrew Potter’s critically acclaimed show, The Road to High Street: the true, tell-all tale of two unicycle-riding/fire-eating/guitar-playing/rubber chicken-juggling street performers in a one-man, musical, digital storytelling show. Trying saying that five times fast… or even just one time fast.

The multi-media show is complete with…

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